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Our firm has professional legal staff with rich knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive intellectual property services, including, global trademark, patent, design registration, intellectual property litigation, licensing and other business matters such as the transfer and assignment of intellectual property rights, as well as drafting commercial contracts and agreements.

Our firm has assisted various industries, including multinational companies by using the necessary ways to safeguard and maintain their intellectual property rights, including applications for infringement injunctions, disclosure orders etc from the court.

In addition, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department also actively crack down upon anti-infringement activities, and our firm can also assist clients to refer Customs for filing infringement cases, and assist in the prosecution of customs infringements.


Meanwhile, as China has become a member of the WTO, customers need to enhance their products in trademark and patent registration in Hong Kong & China and other places, in order to safeguard their business interests and intellectual property rights. Not only our firm will assist clients with the registration of trademarks, patents and product design worldwide, but we can also help customers raise objections to registered Intellectual Property Rights and resolve the copyright infringement, including any civil action and criminal prosecution work.

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