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Our firm’s lawyers have extensive experiences in handling the following criminal cases:

1. General Affairs: (Arrest, Conditional Discharge, Police meeting, Police alertness, Immunity from Prosecution, Commercial Crime, Costs disputes etc.)

2. Court Services: (Sentence, Trials, Appeals, Bail Applications, Mention / Pre-trial review hearing, plea , etc.)

3. The Commission (SFC) cases: (False Trading, Insider Trading , Disclosure of False or misleading information inducing transactions, Price manipulation, market manipulation etc.)

4. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) cases: (Arrest and Questioning, A Public Sector Entity Bribery or corruption, Bribery or Corruption in the Private sector, Conspiracy to defraud , etc.)

5. Other offenses: (Violation of driving and road safety offenses , Immigration Offences possession / Trafficking in dangerous drugs , Offences against the person , Sexual offenses ...... . etc. )backpng