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Since 2003 our firm has launched a " Business Legal Retainer Scheme". Companies only need to pay a fixed annual fee ,and can enjoy a comprehensive professional legal support services, including general legal advice (except criminal matter) , and help your company to solve legal problems in business , including handling of commercial disputes and employment issues , drafting commercial contracts and so on.


Our senior legal professionals can provide advice to clients in order to safeguard their business interests in this competitive and challenging business environment.


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Joyce Wong 82086612 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Annual Business Legal Retainer Service

#1 Excluding Shareholders  Agreements, Franchise  Agreement, Joint-venture Agreements, merger and acquisition.
#2 Excluding Infringement proceedings on Intellectual Property and/or all Pre-existing court action and/or criminal matters and/or mediation service and/or garnishee proceeding, charging order, taxation, winding up proceeding.


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