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  • Mr. Li Man Pong – civil & criminal litigation, divorce, traffic accident / industrial accident claims, bankruptcy, civil celebrant service & other legal services

Mr. Gary Li Hoi Kwong - civil litigation

  • Ms. Chow Suk Kum Monita – civil litigation, contentious and non-contentious intellectual properties, personal injuries, traffic accident, employees’ compensation, matrimonial matters, commercial contracts, corporate matters, probate matters and disputes

      • Associates 
        • Mr. Kun Kin Wai Joseph -- commercial contract, company law, employment ordinanace & other related issues
  • Solicitors
  • Mr. Yeung Lai Yin Acca Nevio - civil litigation
  • Consultant Solicitors

Mr. Chan Hui Tong –civil litigation, property transaction / bank mortgage, probate matters

Miss Francis Au Siu Fan– Divorce, mediation, civil & criminal litigation, property transaction, commercial matters, probate.

Mr. Timothy Chan Tak Yue  - civil litigation

Mr. Peter Cheng Kar Chung - civil litigation